Why CenterBarre Connected?

Sometimes it takes a little more than sheer will to make a change. Sometimes it takes a global pandemic!

If you had told me a year ago that I would be launching an online studio, I would definitely not believe it! I suppose if there is anything I have learned since I first opened the doors to my beloved boutique studio four years ago, it is to expect the unexpected! Life looks a lot different than it did in 2016 when I launched CenterBarre: Life-altering challenges like breaking my hip, pelvis and back in a devasting accident, losing my home and all the material things I thought were important to me in a wildfire, and now a global pandemic are certainly not what I had in mind during the formative years of growing a business!

Yes, I’ve learned resilience, but shockingly and even more importantly, I’ve learned how lucky I am. This program, which I created with a lot of help from some very smart people, has given me the strength to heal not just physically but emotionally as well. I was back to work within a month of my injury, I learned that I can be happy with a lot less stuff, and now, I’m moving CenterBarre online, which will enable me to share this amazing program with people all over the world…literally! WOW.

I’ll admit I was hesitant at first, which really translates to actually being terrified. Put politely, my relationship with computer technology has always been strained. As it became clear that the pandemic was showing no mercy, I jumped into the wide world of webinars! After the first 10 or so, I realized it was possible! I could livestream classes to clients locally and abroad and create a library of different classes people could access anytime, anywhere!

CenterBarre is, and will always be, based on four simple words…safe, effective, efficient, and sustainable. Safe, effective, and efficient refer to my obsession with fitness being good for you, and not wasting your time. Sustainable means that our program is designed to last a lifetime and is doable at any stage, under any circumstance, even during a global pandemic. So, I had to find a way to continue to provide this transformative (and habit forming) program to all of the strong amazing clients who have trusted me with their fitness and health.

Put simply, I believe in the CenterBarre program, not just for how it’s helped me, but for what I’ve seen it do for my clients. I’ve witnessed mind blowing transformations. Our program helps you look better, but even more importantly feel better! When we feel better about ourselves, we become better humans.

So, here we come virtual world! No longer limited by location or finances or scheduling conflicts, we will continue to stay connected in a new and exciting way!

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