Transformations: Sara

Sara recently returned to teaching after giving birth to her adorable daughter, June. You may have seen her teaching class just days before giving birth! Checkout how CenterBarre provided support throughout her pregnancy and during this exciting life change.

As a lifelong active person, being pregnant was my biggest challenge to date. For the first time, I was not in control of my body. I wish I could say that I whole heartedly enjoyed the experience – the truth is I was appreciative and in awe of my body, but it was challenging for me to accept this new body – a body I didn’t know.

I have always known the physical benefits for consistently taking CenterBarre classes – I see it in clients every week when I teach classes. But during my pregnancy it was not just the physical benefits but the mental toughness paired with the loving and welcoming community that supported me through a transformative, scary, and exciting time in my life.

In class we often say “you are stronger than you think” – I finally got to put that to the test. My life turned around when a terrible car accident sent me into early labor and my little one arrived a month early under some scary circumstances. My doctors were shocked that I only had to push for 15 minutes, which apparently is unheard of for a first baby. That day, my daughter was born, and I was re-born – stronger, more centered, and more grateful.

CenterBarre has truly become a sanctuary for me – the classes are a staple in my daily routine. Thanks to CenterBarre, I now workout because I love and treasure my body. The results of that have brought me back to my pre-pregnancy clothes in under 3 months- but perhaps the biggest transformation is the fact that I really am not concerned with pant size anymore- CenterBarre has truly re-centered my fitness philosophy, strengthening my sense of balance, community, and self-love. I will forever be grateful for this amazing place and am so honored to support others in their personal growth and transformation stories!


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