Three Favorite Home Exercises to Strengthen & Lengthen

If you’re a human living in America, you’re probably very busy! If you have been able to carve out the time to work out 3-5 days per week — Congratulations to you! If not, welcome to the 80 percent of Americans who can’t find the time to squeeze in the amount of exercise recommended by the CDC. Hopefully these home exercises will help.

We’ve all heard the little tricks we can do to get in a little extra exercise each day like parking the farthest possible distance from the entrance to your office, the market, etc. or taking the stairs, not the elevator. But we can do better.

Here are three of our favorite at home exercises that will give you the biggest bang for the buck.  You can slip these into your daily routine whenever you have a moment. There’s no big investment of time (or money) here. And, you’ll get the added benefit of increasing your energy level and maybe even fitting a little more comfortably into those skinny jeans.

Think “Stork”

When standing in line, at the market, movie theater, post office, wherever, think stork.  Place one foot behind the ankle of the other and balance on one foot. Be sure to keep your standing knee slightly bent.  Try it. It might be a little more difficult than you expected. Switch sides so that you’re balanced on each side equally.  Standing on one foot improves balance, equilibrium and agility.

Wall Squat Till You Drop

Who needs a chair when you have a wall?  Back up against a wall in your office or at home, walk your feet out, hip width and parallel and slide down the wall till your seat is in line with your knees.  Count to ten, then slide up. Build up to one minute. Your thighs will burn, but they’ll be strong and tapered.

Plank it Till You Make It

Planking is a great full-body exercise.  It can be done on the floor or against a desk or table.  Just keep your legs. neck and back straight and breathe. On the floor, a plank can be done on forearms or with arms straight.  Build up to holding the plank for one full minute…or longer!

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