Overuse Injury

I don’t think I go through a single day without hearing the words “overuse injury.”

It’s become the common phrase used by people of a certain age to explain annoyingly chronic pain that seems to pop up out of nowhere. It is actually the result of years of living life the right way, working out, staying fit, and being active. To add a touch of insult to the phrase, it comes at a time when our metabolism slows and muscles deflate. Thanks a lot Mother Nature!

Just a few short years ago, this was my story. Years of martial arts and intense cardio training left me with painful shoulders, wrists and knees. My body was telling to make changes in my life and I was forced to finally listen. I tried my first barre class on the recommendation of my physical therapist and it was humbling. To me surprise, it turns out, there were holes in my fitness level. I was tough but not agile, strong but not flexible. Yikes! After three weeks of barre training, the pain all but disappeared, and I was hooked. I immediately began my barre instructor training.

Fitness has somehow taken a turn to focus on mental and physical toughness with no regard for wellness. The mentality to “never give up and ignore the pain” is, for lack of a better phrase, getting old.

I founded CenterBarre on the basis of wellness in both body and mind. We all want to look and feel good throughout the many stages of life. That’s the reason we exercise in the first place right? I designed my program to challenge the most intense cardio junkies, exercise newbies, and overuse injury victims (like me) paying close attention to each individual’s needs and goals. We don’t ignore limitations; we work around them.

My barre classes touch upon every aspect of fitness: bone density, lean muscle mass, endurance, strength, core, and flexibility. We help people achieve healthy fitness in both their bodies and minds. Attention is paid to strengthening the muscles and tendons that support joints so that people who are facing the challenges of overuse injuries can expect to have reduced, if not resolved pain. And let’s face it, life seems a lot brighter when you’re living in a strong, lean, flexible, pain-free body!

If overuse injuries are lemons, CenterBarre is the lemonade. Our success is proof positive that whether you’re 13 or 89 (my youngest and oldest clients), you can make a change to a healthier and happier you.

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