How to Get Flat, Defined, and Toned Abs the CenterBarre Way!

Woman doing crunches

Get quick results by remembering these simple words:

Don’t count your crunches
Make your crunches count!


Remember, oxygen is fuel for muscles. When working out, always exhale on the exertion. For ab work, that means exhale every time you curl forward, drawing your abdominals in, closer to your spine. Fun fact: your transverse abdominis is connected to your diaphragm, breathing with intention and focus (bringing your abs in on your exhale) will actually help you achieve flatter, stronger abs!


Sometimes it’s nice to let your mind wander while doing simple repetitive exercises — but not during ab work! If you’re determined to change your waistline, put your mind on the muscles you’re working – rectus, transverse, or obliques. It’s sometimes helpful to place your hand on the muscle you’re engaging so your mind can connect to the muscle you’re touching.


As you crunch, it’s sometimes helpful to look down at your abs to make sure they’re moving in the right direction – downward. Mirrors are also a great way to ensure you’re doing your ab work correctly, without wrenching your neck or straining your hip flexors.


Music makes everything better, especially exercising. Bodies naturally move to music so during ab work, breathe and crunch to the beat. It will keep you energized and your reps consistent.


The risk of doing 1,000 crunches is falling into using momentum, not muscle. Resist repetitive ab work. When you get to a point where it’s easy, add a layer of difficulty. Feel your muscles contract on every crunch; remember, quality over quantity!

Now, get to work and enjoy better core strength, a healthier stronger back, and a flat, toned tummy!

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