At CenterBarre, our view of exercise is simple: don’t waste time. So we’ve put together a one-hour class that burns calories, re-sculpts bodies, and increases flexibility in the quickest, safest, and most effective way possible.

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Happy Happy Spring! Check out our April Updates!

Happy Happy Spring! Check out our April Updates!

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March Madness Results

Our March Madness Challenge was a success, and the transformations have been amazing! Thanks to everyone who rose to the challenge! Eight people completed the nearly impossible task of taking 20 or more classes in March…Here are the winners!
Debra L.
Jing S.
Fan Ping W.  
Julia H.
Rebecca B.
Wendy M.
Linda Y.
Melaina M.
After our drawing, the grand prize winner is…WENDY M!
 She will receive a special CenterBarre gift bag! Everyone who met the challenge will also receive a free pair of grip socks!
Community Classes
We are holding 2 community classes this month to showcase our newest instructor Marie B! These classes are free for everyone. Please join us in supporting Marie as she completes this final phase of her training! Classes are Tuesday April 25th at 10am, and Thursday April 27th at 4:00pm.

April Ex-Stretch-aganza!

CenterBarre is based on safety, progression, and results. This month we are focusing on flexibility. Stretching is an essential part of any exercise program, so expect a little more time and attention during the stretching portions of our classes. By the end of the month, you’ll feel stronger, leaner, and ready for the beach!