Benefits of CenterBarre Barre Classes

Why CenterBarre?

Are you looking to change up your exercise routine or start something new?  Do you feel achy, stiff, heavy, or just not comfortable in your skin?  CenterBarre is a barre based fitness program unlike any other.  We’ve taken the best of pilates, yoga, martial arts, and cardio-vascular exercise and created a fun, effective, and life-changing fitness experience in every barre class.

Results in No Time

As everyone knows, the most important factor in any fitness program is commitment.   At CenterBarre, results will be noticeable within one month, with a commitment of just three classes per week. Time is precious and we don’t believe in wasting a minute of it!  Each one-hour class is designed to work every major muscle in the safest, most effective way possible.

We pay close attention to each client during class to make sure they are doing the exercises correctly for maximum results.  Correct form and alignment are crucial to getting the most out of each exercise and preventing injury.  Clients often come in to class with overuse injuries, or just a bad back or knee.  We modify the program for these clients to address their issues.

It may look like our clients’ bodies magically transform.  There is no magic.  Every movement has meaning. The exercises are designed to work muscles to strengthen, then stretch them to elongate. The program simply works.

Our classes allow out clients to challenge themselves and get a great workout, no matter their fitness level. We have lifelong athletes, newbies to exercise, and everything in between.   Everyone is welcome.  Intimidation is not allowed.

Strength Without Strain

CenterBarre classes combine large compound movements with small isometric movements.

The movements in class are small enough to keep the muscle firing but are never so large that you risk muscle straining or pulling.

In barre class, you’re able to keep a muscle contracted for a longer period of time because the small movements act as a mini recovery. High repetitions and low weights also increase endurance.  As an added benefit, small, controlled, isometric movements strengthen muscles and tendons surrounding joints, adding support to joints like knees and shoulders, which can reduce pain and prevent injury.

At CenterBarre we combine these small isometric movements with larger compound movements. Larger movements such as lunges and squats scorch calories and get your heart pumping for cardiovascular exercise.  The larger movements are done at a slower, more controlled pace, so you gain the benefit of the movement with less risk of injury. Combining isometric and compound exercises with stretching helps strengthen and elongate muscles, creating a stronger, leaner body.

Mind and Body Connection

At CenterBarre, we urge clients to “Check in, not out.”  We find that awareness of how your body is moving and feeling is extremely important to get the most out of your workout in the safest way possible.  Most of us are either right or left dominant.  CenterBarre classes are designed to strengthen muscles evenly.  As you develop awareness of your body, posture and balance improve.  You may even meet muscles you never knew you had!

CenterBarre will help you discover the graceful athlete within.  You will leave class feeling taller, stronger, leaner, and above all, centered.

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