At CenterBarre, our view of exercise is simple: don’t waste time. So we’ve put together a one-hour class that burns calories, re-sculpts bodies, and increases flexibility in the quickest, safest, and most effective way possible.

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Latest Updates: Summer is in Full Swing!

Summer is in Full Swing! Say Yes to a Lean Limber Strong You Let's make July  Ab-Solutely Amazing! Looking to take your abs to the next level for summer? We have you covered! This month we are focusing on abs and core strength! Expect more ab work in all of our classes this month-CenterBarre style: safe, efficient, and highly effective! Take that, crop tops!  Celebrate the 4th of July with Us! First Barre, then Barbecue! We are open on July 4th for one class at8:45!Join us for a fun Patriotic Playlist, and watermelon after class! You'll be feeling lean, limber, and strong for the rest of your festivities! Click here to sign up! Check out our website! Center for mind. Center your body. Center yourself ...

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You work so hard in class to feel and look amazing during your travels, but what do you do when you’re thousands of miles away from CenterBarre? Here are our tips for maintaining your fitness routine as you set out on your summer adventure! 1. Foundational Fitness Our mantra, “Safe, Effective, and Efficient” really does pay off; as we always say in class, you are stronger than you think! Don’t be afraid to try something new. You might be surprised at how well you’re able to hike, swim, kayak or anything else! 2. Something Active Everyday Wherever you are, it’s easy to incorporate some movement and physical activity with just a little planning. A long evening or morning stroll can burn tons of calories and...


Overuse Injury

I don’t think I go through a single day without hearing the words “overuse injury.” It’s become the common phrase used by people of a certain age to explain annoyingly chronic pain that seems to pop up out of nowhere. It is actually the result of years of living life the right way, working out, staying fit, and being active. To add a touch of insult to phrase, it comes at a time when our metabolism slows and muscles deflate. Thanks a lot Mother Nature! Just a few short years ago, this was my story. Years of martial arts and intense cardio training lift me with painful shoulders, wrists and knees. My body was telling to make changes in my life and...

CenterBarre Class

It’s Our Birthday!

Hey, June! We are 1! We can't believe it, but it has been a year since we opened our doors! We are so grateful to you --our community-- for your loyalty and commitment to finding that inner warrior in every class! Come celebrate our first anniversary with us! The party is happening on Sunday June 4th!   Here's What we Have in Store: 9:00-10:15 Round Robin Class We're celebrating with quadruple the fun! Join Janet, Marie, Sara, and Michele in a full throttle round robin class! We're all taking turns teaching our favorite parts of the class, so expect crazy fun and a great new playlist. Sign up today if you're all in! New Merch Has Arrived Hallelujah! New Beyond Yoga pants, CB tees, and socks are in, and will be on sale starting Sunday!...


May Updates and Special Mother’s Day Class!

May, we are so ready for you!  Check out what's happening at CenterBarre this month! Schedule Change: New Class Friday at 10am You spoke, and we heard you! Per popular request, We are moving our Wednesday 10am class, to Friday at 10am! Now you have another chance to bring in your weekend feeling lean, limber and strong! Check out our website to sign up now! Special Mother's Day Class! Join us on Mother's Day, Sunday May 14th at 9am, as our very own mother-daughter-duo co-teach this special class! Expect double the smiles and shaking with these two, as we celebrate our love for moms! If you're a mom, show your daughter/son how strong you are and bring them for free! And anyone is welcome to bring their mom for free! The celebration continues after...


March Madness, Studio Growth, and More!

February may have been short and sweet, but as always, our CenterBarre tribe amazed and inspired us! Whether it was using heavier weights, trying our new Barre Blast class, or connecting as a community, we have loved helping you tackle your goals this month. Here are our exciting new updates as we bring in March stronger than ever! March Madness Fitness Challenge March Madness is here, are you up for the challenge? Simply take 20 classes in the month of March (or 5 classes per week), for the chance to win a CenterBarre gift bag, including 30% off of your next CenterBarre purchase! If you are participating, just sign your name on the blackboard in the locker room every day you take class, it's as simple as...

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