At CenterBarre, our view of exercise is simple: don’t waste time. So we’ve put together a one-hour class that burns calories, re-sculpts bodies, and increases flexibility in the quickest, safest, and most effective way possible.

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Who We Are


CenterBarre is a boutique exercise studio offering a better way to feel like your best self! Our one-hour, low-impact classes are designed to keep you strong, lean, and fit for life.

Our fitness specialists are committed to consistently providing a challenging and intense full-body workout. You might be surprised how quickly you develop a healthy addiction for this class! We work the small muscles that support your joints in small, controlled movements. Small muscles, small movement – sounds manageable, doesn’t it? This workout stabilizes those joints and rebuilds alignment as it reshapes and redefines your body. You probably aren’t using these muscles in your everyday life, so bodies transform quickly at CenterBarre.

The world is filled with noise. Step away from it with us. We offer a sanctuary where change happens from the inside out. Regardless of age, weight, or fitness level, everyone is welcome in the CenterBarre family!

CenterBarre provides a joyful atmosphere that invigorates, energizes, and inspires, all while sculpting bodies and rejuvenating minds.

Walk Through Our Doors & Prepare to Change Your Life!

Meet Janet


She loves a challenge.

Fitness has always been a big part of Janet’s life.

After having her two children, she began the study of the traditional Kung Fu art of village fighting. Standard mom stuff, right? She earned her black sash, but after years of intense cardio training, she also earned a bad shoulder, a bad wrist, and two bad knees. After knee surgery, a physical therapist advised that she try a barre style workout. After just three weeks of classes, her pain disappeared and she became a fervent convert to barre! She became an instructor and increased her knowledge of exercising efficiently, effectively, and safely. Now she’s passionate about passing those skills on to you!

At CenterBarre, Janet has developed a unique workout program that incorporates the best of pilates, yoga, and cardio. Clients can expect a music blasting, heart pumping, intense class where bodies transform quickly. With Janet, you get the tools to build a body you love at a class you’ll actually like!

Janet has developed a strong and loyal following for good reason. She’ll put you at ease, reminding you the journey is worth it as she teaches proper form with close attention to your safety. She firmly believes that exercise should not be scary or daunting! It’s something that everyone must do, and do for life. Clients leave her class feeling like they have done something good for their bodies (and they have!), and that feeling keeps them coming back. Janet knows that healthy bodies create healthy souls and she’s grateful that she gets to witness that transformation every day.

Meet Our Instructors


As a lifelong athlete, Janet brings her infectious spirit and love of barre to create a high energy, transformative workout. As a highly trained instructor with a black sash in Kung Fu, she challenges and motivates clients of all levels. Janet will inspire you to break through your personal barriers and grow into the best version of yourself. Prepare for the challenge. Prepare for the change.
As a licensed occupational therapist and long time barre enthusiast, Sara brings her extensive knowledge of kinesiology, paired with her love of music and humor to her classes. Sara has seen first hand how effective barre classes are in strengthening body and spirit. For Sara, CenterBarre classes provide the foundation for a healthy, joyful, and active life. Get ready for an intense, fun, and effective workout.
Faith is an active and devoted wife and mother of four. She has been a martial artist for over 16 years and is a 2nd degree Black Belt in Tae Kwan Do. When Faith discovered CenterBarre, she immediately noticed muscles she never knew she had… the positive, nurturing, and challenging environment had her hooked! As an instructor, Faith shares her passion for helping others in their journeys to gain strength, resiliency, and confidence.

Robin initially joined CenterBarre to tone up for her upcoming wedding. She never expected how much it would transform her- body, mind, and soul! As an instructor, Robin brings the fun! She loves people and has a passion for music. So expect to sweat to some new beats in Robin’s heart pumping, up tempo class!

A CenterBarre student since day 1, Erin is thrilled to join the CenterBarre family as its resident yoga instructor! A graduate of the Awakened Heart, Embodied Mind (AHEM) Yoga Teacher Training at Santa Monica Yoga, she brings a background in mindful somatic healing and intuitive movement to our studio. Erin believes that progress, not perfection, is the way to build inner strength, increase flexibility, and decrease stress to live a longer, centered, and more graceful life. 

Kelly N.

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Kelly is the perfect blend of sweet and tough. She knows how to push people past their comfort zones and is a technician when it comes to form and alignment. Expect to work harder and dig deeper than you ever thought possible in her class. You’re confidence will build as your body transforms!