5 Tips for Working out at Home

Mom and child holding a yoga position

Working out at home has its benefits, but how do you set up your at-home workout area?

Carving out time for yourself is a MUST, and working out at home will allow you to have even more time for you! No commute, less noise… but more distraction. Here’s what we have learned about maximizing the home-workout experience!

1. Get your gear.

You don’t need much! If you have weights, great! If not, time to get creative! We like to play around with things around the house- pumpkins, marinara jars, and laundry detergent have all been used as weights in our CenterBarre Connected live classes. Be sure to have a surface (like a table, chair, bed, or counter) that you can put your hand on for balance. Some of our stretches require a surface to support the weight of your leg, so keep that in mind too! One last thing, you need a place you can comfortably lay down. And that’s it! You are ready to go!

2. Experiment with your space.

We know- this may be counter-intuitive. But try taking a live class or an on-demand class in different rooms in your home! You may find that one room or is surprisingly comfortable, or works perfectly for certain exercises. Not to mention, it keeps things fresh and interesting!

3. Set your goal.

Pick a number of classes you want to take, write it down, and stick to it as best you can! Whether it’s one live class per week or 5 live classes, or perhaps you prefer on-demand classes, write down your number and challenge yourself to stick with it. Maybe add in a Focus on Form class to your goal list as well, to help you get the very best out of each class you take!

4. Establish your schedule.

What days and times work for you? One of the main advantages of exercising at home is that you have access to your workouts at your fingertips at all times! With the CenterBarre Connected On-Demand library, you have your choice of classes to take- you choose! Find the time that works for you, and also try experimenting with new times! Maybe you’re a night owl, and you never knew it.

5. Keep it Light.

No, not the weights! Don’t stress if your at-home workout isn’t perfect. Nothing is perfect- that’s ok! Give yourself a break and don’t forget to laugh! While we all strive for a perfect 45 minutes of interrupted time, life happens! Hit the pause button on an on-demand class. If it’s live, join in when you can! At CenterBarre Connected we will ensure your workout is safe, efficient, and effective- meaning that whatever time you are able to devote to your workout will be well worth your while.

We want to hear your tips about working out at home! Comment below to share any ideas you might be helpful, and let’s stay connected!

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